Fostering Long-term Successful Relationships

Fostering Long-term Successful Relationships

Established in 1995, Transgenic Organism is a contract research facility that produces genetically modified mice for global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic institutions. Compared to other target-identification technologies, genetically modified mice provide the most biologically relevant information about gene function.

As cost containment pressures increase, Transgenic Organism offers expertly executed, timesaving, and cost effective methods to determine the function of specific genes in physiology, disease, and in validation of drug targets. As a contract organization, Transgenic Organism has proven to be an economically attractive option for producing genetically modified mice. Transgenic Organism tailors its services to meet our clients’ specific objectives and requirements in the development process of the knockout mouse. Generating a knockout mouse involves months of hard work, but with a highly experienced staff, Transgenic Organism provides superior quality that is dependable, detail oriented, and efficient.

Transgenic Organism has experienced substantial worldwide growth over the past few years. The Company has been praised continuously by its clients as to the quality and reliability of its work, as well as the professionalism of the staff.

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