Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Organisms

Pros & Cons of Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs is not a new term for general public, it has been now 30 years since GMOs commercialized and now become part of our daily life, from food to medicine there are dozens of products where has been modified to get more effective results from them. But with the growth of information knowledge among general population, it is become the question that is genetically modified organisms like food, medicine, crops and even animals are safe for human beings or not and what are the pros and cons of genetically modified organisms?

What is Genetically Modified Organisms?

Genetically Modified Organisms is a technology or a method in which the organism’s genes has been changed. In simple words transfer of DNA from one living body to another or modified the DNA through different method is known as genetically modified organisms. GMOs could be done for number of reasons, like to produce different types of crops, milk from cow and modified food to introduce new type of foods and taste. For example GMO food like farmed fish, meat eggs and other dairy products which has been made through farmed milk, corn and soy products, packaged and restaurant food and even sugar etc. The reasons of making GMOs food is to increase the life, taste and flavor of original food.

What are transgenic organisms

An organism which contain DNA from another organism is known as transgenic organism. An transgenic organisms contain two DNA; its own and the second one from another organism. There is transgenic animals, food and crops which are modified through GMOs technology for number of reasons, for example goats are modified in such ways do that its milk can help to kill the virus of cancer from human body. There are different types of transgenic mices like knockout mice and humanized mice in which human DNA has been transferred to their body for research purposes. Humanized mice is used for medical research to invent the treatments for HIV, AIDS, cancers etc.

Pros of Genetically Modified Organisms

  • GMOs can develop more crops in less time and required less fertilizer and other pesticides in production. It’s also protect crops from insects which can damage crops.
  • The nutrition value of fruits, vegetables and crops can be increased through genetically modified organisms.
  • Additional nutrition value means additional vitamins, minerals and proteins etc.
  • GMOs can increase the sexual desire in animals which cause more population in dairy animals like cow, goat and hens etc.
  • Genetically modified organism can help to treat many diseases like different types of cancers and allergies.
  • GMO enhance the taste of food and smells it’s also decrease starvation in LDCs.

Cons of Genetically Modified Organisms

  • GMOs change the taste of original foods; vegetables, fruits and crops.
  • GMOs food and plants can be very harmful for many organism like honey bees and butterflies which means indirectly damage the production of honey etc.
  • Genetically modified organisms food can cause number of problems like hair growth in women, weight lose and disorders like gynecomastia.
  • GMOs food can be cause of new allergies and also causing increasing in existing allergies.
  • Population of farm animals can be increased with the help of GMOs but it can be cause of over population as well.

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